Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Charlie Daniels

The Charlie Daniels Band -- very entertaining -- very great concert!!! Camp Arifjan (here in Kuwait) set an attendance record for the outdoor stage entertainment. Estimated 5,000 fans slapping knees and whatever in time to the great fiddler. Of course, he brought the house down with the finale. He's got to be at least 70 years old -- perhaps older.

We discovered a purpose for Peeps -- you know the yellow marshmallowy things that used to be only at Easter and now come in all sorts of colors -- purple, blue, pink, and the standard yellow. They come in all sorts of shapes -- chicks, rabbits, pumpkins, etc. You name it -- there's a Peep for every occasion. Put them in the microwave and watch them grow!!! What a riot!!!! I think we've been in the desert too long.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Proud to Be an American

USO shows are still a huge highlight to soldiers in theater. Lee Greenwood put on a fabulous show. What a talented guy -- not bad for a 63-year old!!!! He closed the show with GOD BLESS THE USA. When he started to sing it, I felt like we were all preparing for the National Anthem, as everyone immediately stood up for his closing song. When you think about it -- that song is probably the closest to the National Anthem as any song will ever be!!!! What a show -- if you didn't feel proud to be an American at the end of the show -- there's definitely something wrong!!!!! The Country-Western Band -- Restless Heart was also on the same USO Tour -- great songs from the 80's. The New England Patriot Cheerleaders were there, but did absolutely nothing for me the way they jumped around the stage, etc., etc., etc.

Til later ~~ Candy

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Dear Blog Fan Club,

I've been severely reprimanded -- for neglecting to mention that my two youngest, adorable, precious daughters were with me during my R&R break. Sorry Laura and Bec. I've also been scolded for not including more pictures.

Last week on our tour to the Kuwait Towers -- here's what they look like. The tower with two spheres is the restaurant on the bottom and the viewing tower in the top sphere. The tower with only one sphere is a working water tower. They're lit up at night and very beautiful -- the Kuwaiti's are extremely proud of their towers.

We went shopping while in San Antonio. This (believe it or not) is a pillow. If you've not been shopping with my daughters and me, you've missed a great experience. Someone always has a camera in their purse, and we always have some great kodak moments to remember the excursion.

That's it for today!!!

Til later ~~ Candy

Monday, April 03, 2006

Back In Kuwait

Dear Blog Fans -- My apologies for not posting in such a long time! Much has happened. My life in Baghdad as the Theater PBO was very busy -- very little time for much of anything other than the office, sleep, shower, office, sleep, shower, etc. You get the idea!! I went home on R&R leave the first couple weeks of March. I had an absolute wonderful time. Best Friend Erlene, along with my adopted "Mother" (her Mom) and hubby came down for a few days. Sarah came home over the same weekend. We had a great time -- shopping, eating, touring, etc. I did get the rest of the unpacking done -- Ed was gracious to leave a few boxes so that I didn't feel TOO left out of the process!! I got all the china cabinet goodies washed and put away, as well as the curio cabinet treats. The real fun job was the sewing room!!! I do miss my hide-away!!

I came back to theater, and had somewhat good news when I got here. A new GS-14 had been hired in Baghdad, therefore, I didn't have to go back up to the property book team. Plans are to stay in Kuwait until my time is up here -- which looks like it may be July!!!!!

Last week we went on a short little day trip in Kuwait City. We toured the Kuwaiti Towers -- very beautiful and breathtaking from the observation windows. Check it out on goggle.com or some other search engine. The towers are the only real claim to tourism the entire country of Kuwait has -- other than the beautiful ocean. Good day -- lots of fun, and good to get away from the office on "official" business -- monkey business that is!!!

I'm still plugging along with my college class -- I'm certainly glad I opted for one this first semester out of the shoot!!! A lot of writing -- but I have no regrets as to getting enrolled and getting on with it.

Hope all of you are well.

Til later ~~ Candy