Thursday, November 24, 2005


Hello blog fans. I know it's been a while since I wrote. Things are going extremely well here. We keep very busy, still working 12-14 hour days. Since there is not much else to do, that's absolutely fine with me, because it certainly helps the time fly!!

I've changed jobs -- I now work on the Theater Property Book Team as the Army Reserve PBO. What a truly interesting job. The PB Team is where we monitor and manage all of the equipment throughout Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as Kuwait. We get first hand knowledge of the equipment coming into theatre -- the new "neat" things that are going to the actual warfighters up north. Some of it looks like it's from a Steven Spielberg movie -- but it's working and if the soldiers are asking for it, we're getting it for them!!! I work with 6 men. Two are about my age. Three are in their mid 30's and one is young enough to be my Son. Strangely enough -- his last name is Martin! It's a great team, and everyone is always conscious about looking after one another.

Thanksgiving here was very nice -- an absolute gourmet meal -- served in very fine style. Each of the dining facilities were decorated beautifully, ice carvings, food displays with unbelievable garnish, and what a selection. The TCN's (third country nationals) are part of the staff that prepares and serves meals. They are always so nice and ALWAYS with a smile. I hate to think what a little bit of money they get paid, but we're told that it's a handsome salary compared to what they would get if they were in their native country. Most everyone ate with those they individually work with -- our family away from home. It's times like this that I really do miss my family.

Last week, Country Music Star, Aaron Tippin toured here, doing shows for all the soldiers. It was a great concert. The day of the concert, he was actually in the building where I work -- so, Kodak time!!! Now if only George Strait would make a trip here -- nothing could thrill me more than that thought!!!!

I "get to go" tdy next week. I'll write more about it later!

til later ~~ Candy