Sunday, October 29, 2006

Finally, another post!

OK dear BLOG lovers. It's been over 3 months since I got back from the desert and home to some sense of normalcy. I promise to attempt to keep everyone up to date on the goings on of the stateside desert chief.

July, I took a very fun road trip. Just me, and my little black car to Arkansas (see Sarah and Jeff), to Nebraska to see dear old friends, on to South Dakota to see more dear old friends and family, then back through Ft. Worth to see more friends. Great trip -- more than 3,000 miles in 7 days, but well worth every mile and every gallon of EXPENSIVE gas I put into the car.

August was busy getting ready for Sarah's wedding!!! Even tiny weddings need the utmost detail of planning, and it was a big day for her. Her dress was beautiful (I made it, so it had to be gorgeous!) It was from a 1968 old Vogue pattern. It's one of my favorites, and must admit the bride beamed with beauty in her finery.

We gained a new son-in-law on September 16th. A delightful ceremony with the perfect touches -- all the family!!! It was a perfect day, and Sarah couldn't have beamed brighter.

On Labor Day weekend, we also gained a future daughter-in-law. Tom and Erika were engaged, but have to delay their weddings. Due to his deployment to Iraq, and her deployment next Summer, it looks as though it will be sometime 2008 before they're both back in the states long enough to have a wedding.

It's now October and we just celebrated our 27th wedding anniversary. 27 years on the 27th!!!! My does time fly. We started ballroom dance lessons. No.....its NEVER too late to learn. I had given Ed a gift certificate nearly two years ago (he actually asked for it!) and then my deployment put our life on hold. So....we started last week. Good news -- the instructor didn't laugh at us and it really is fun!

I start a new job this week. I've been transferred to the 75th Div, 2nd Bde, right here on Ft. Sam. Good news is that it will leave us here in San Antonio for a while now.

Ed's been busy working on the yard, and must admit the front yard is beautifully landscaped. The back is our next project, and has a lllooonnnnggggg way to go. It's going to be a challenge. I've been busy getting window treatments sewn and installed. Ed has gotten great in helping with the assembly of some of them, and hanging the window toppers.

I'm still enrolled in my online college class. I'm in class #3 -- only 8 more to go!!!! I say that I'm on the ever/never plan. For ever going to school, but never graduating anytime soon. Master's work is time consuming. They want us to do a lot of research!!!

I'll post pictures when I catch a few more minutes.

Love to all, Candy/Mom/Chief (whatever fits!)