Tuesday, August 14, 2007

WOSC Ft Rucker

I'm totally bored.......I have been at Ft. Rucker for 3+ weeks now attending the Warrant Officer Staff Course. Parts of it are pretty good -- but parts are extremely boring. They are attempting to rewrite the course, and we're supposedly the "last" class that has a lot of "research" time! There's only so many stores and movie theates than can be researched in southeastern Alabama.

I drove to Mobile one Saturday afternoon to visit "Uncle Bob". Had a delightful time seeing him and Doris and getting to meet Doris' family. Great visit!

I drove to Atlanta to see my cousin Sheryee and husband Robert -- I felt like I was visiting at the Ritz! Wow -- do they know how to entertain!! Terrific food (Robert is a REAL gourmet cook!) and great laughs and conversation.

I'm waiting for the calendar to tick by -- 3 more wake-ups and then I'll be on my way home!

Til later,