Saturday, January 21, 2006

January 21, 1946

It was sixty years ago today that my Mother and Father got married. They were able to spend a little more than 17 years married before he died in a car accident (some good years -- some bad years), but my mother always had fond memories and spoke fondly of her married years. I'm glad she remembered the good times and didn't dwell on the bad. She was a war bride. They married as soon as my Dad came back from a very long deployment during WWII. I have their "love" letters and look forward to reading them someday. Their wedding anniversary makes me think how much different things are today -- 60 years later. I'm the one deployed -- not my husband. (Although, he's doing everything he can to volunteer for the "cause"!) It's such a different time, different world, different war. We have CNN, telephones, and the internet. I'm able to keep in touch with loved ones much much easier than my Mother did more than 60 years ago.


Anonymous said...

Candy: The whole family enjoyed your Desert Chief web site. We think about you each day and pray for for your safe keeping. We send our love and God's speed. Bob, Doris and family

5:56 PM, May 07, 2006  

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